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About Me

I am a bachelor degree of English Literature. I am a young graduated and willing to explore more. Writing is one of my favorite thing in my life, I spent half of my day to get idea and then write it down. Writing is not only a job but more than it, it is a passion and hobby.. 

Funreading.site is a place which I create to share my personal daily thoughts. In Funreading.site, I share anything that could be useful for other people. The content I share could be a history of World War II. All the contents or articles I share are thoughts or opinions which came from my own mind, experiences, or people around me.As its name funreading.site, I hope people come here can read my articles with fun. And this place I create to make people happy by reading my articles. I always pay attention to the contents, or articles I shared in funreading.site will always follow the politeness rule and there is no purpose or intention to attract any chaos. If any of the readers feel annoyed by my contents and articles, please feel free to send any suggestion, messages, or critics to me through Contact Us! I hope you all enjoy visiting my place! Best of luck!