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5 Best British Monarchy Movies



    UK is a country that is very famous and known with their royal family. The existence of UK's royal family makes British people are proud having their royal family. Although there are many country still applying monarch system, such as Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, etc. But yet, UK's Royal Family is the most iconic. Even people who don't know anything about it, are still able to know and realize who Queen Elizabeth was, or who Princess Diana was. This is the main reason why British people love their royal family, it is not just a family. But it is a dynamic symbol of British Monarchy itself. But if you wonder about the history of the Royal Family. I have saved some good movies to you, so you can know better about the iconic Royal Family member and all their actions before. 

Here are some movies that I recommend to you :

1. The Other Boleyn Girl ( 2008 )

    Have you heard the King named King Henry VIII ? He was the King of England which was very famous of his decision to marry his six wives. He was the phenomenal King. He also decide that England should leave the Vatican Church when his marriage was rejected by the Vatican. From his six wives, there is one interesting wife that you should know. Her name was Anne Boleyn, which then has a daughter known as Elizabeth. See the full story on The Other Boleyn Girl ( 2008 ).

2. Mary Queen of Scots ( 2018 )

This movie tells about rivalry between Queen Elizabeth I ( daughter of Henry VIII ) and Mary Stuart ( Queen of Scotland ). Both of them battled to take the throne, while Mary is more eligible to have the throne as Queen of England. Mary Stuart returns to Scotland in order to collect her lawful throne. She tried to aside her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, but then finds herself condemned to years of imprisonment in England until her execution. Their rivalry becomes very interesting because the difference faith among them, Catholic vs Protestant. 

3. The Young Victoria ( 2009 )

    Queen Victoria was the longest queen who reign the British Monarchy, 80 years. This movie tells the story of Young Victoria before she is appointed as the Queen of England. Young Victoria felt trapped in her castle,even she must conflict with her own mother because she wanted Victoria to give her throne to her own mother. After she was appointed as the Queen of England, Victoria should face any problems in her reign.Even the society came to the palace because they were disappointed with their Young Queen. There is also a story about how Victoria met her love, Albert. Until she marry Albert, Victoria becomes better and the kingdom runs well. 

4. Lady Jane ( 1986 )

    This movie tells the story of the shortest beautiful queen reign, Lady Jane Grey. After King Henry VIII has passed away, and his son, a young Edward VI, is dying too. John Dudley, the Minister doesn't want the Roman Catholic Princess Mary to reign as a queen, as it would end the Protestant Reformation. Dudley tried to keep Edward alive long enough to name Lady Jane Grey as his heir and also marries Jane to his son, Guilford. Jane and Guilford shortly fall in love, but the kingdom doesn't trust they will rule the kingdom well. At the end, Jane is executed by Mary after the rebellion of Jane's parents. 

5. Spencer ( 2021 )

    The film is tells story about Princess Diana's existential crisis during the 1991 Christmas, as she considers divorcing Prince Charles and then leaving the British royal family.The marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles has been gone cold as they tried to hide it publicly. Though rumors of a divorce abound, peace is ordained for the Christmas festivities at the queen's palace. There's eating and drinking, shooting and hunting as the British Royal Family always did consistently. Diana knows the game, but in this movie, things will be profoundly different. Diana will act differently as she used to do. She has reached her peak level in the British Royal Family.